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offers five different architectural window films for the Professional Dealer to suit anyone’s requirements for looks and performance. Whether you want a high performance / high light transmission film, or a more traditional architectural film, Geoshield has you covered.

Pronano Ultra 70

Pronano Ultra 70% is Geoshield newest spectrally selective window film designed for architectural and automotive application. The film is virtually clear and haze free but blocks a significant amount of UV and heat. IR blocking ceramic nano particles, in combination with UV stabilized film provides long lasting protection to your home, office or vehicle. Pronano Ultra 70% is a 2-mil, 2-ply construction, with 92% IR rejection (1025 nm). The film is easy to shape and has pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed for both architectural and automotive use, the film boast 2-year seal failure and 5-year glass breakage coverage. Pronano Ultra 70% also offers a limited lifetime residential and automotive warranty in addition to 15-year commercial guarantee.

Why Pronano?

Films provide solar rejection by using nano ceramic particles to selectively filter out infrared heat at the glass, keeping you and the vehicle cooler under the sun. 53% of the Sun's spectrum is made up of infrared heat. PRONANO ULTRA 70 works to block out up to 92% of that heat from ever entering your home, office or vehicle. All PRONANO ULTRA 70 brand films are made from the highest quality weatherable poly, designed to withstand extreme conditions. All PRONANO ULTRA 70 films are metal-free making them media friendly, unlike metallized products that can interfere with your home or office WiFi or your vehicle's radio, cell and satellite signals.

Iris 70

Antimony Tin Oxide - IRIS 70
is virtually invisible on glass, yet blocks up to 99% of the suns Infrared heat. IRIS 70 is designed for applications where high visibility and heat rejection are critical. Very popular for front windshield application in states where legal. This film can be used for automotive and architectural applications.

Geo Series

Our GEO Series utilizes the very latest in American nano-ceramic titanium nitride sputtering technology to provide maximum (IR) heat rejection with low visual reflectivity. State of the art processes and durable components make this film a favorite of discerning customers. Can be used for architectural and automotive applications.

Super Alloy

Nickel Chromium Dual Reflective - SUPER ALLOY is a dual reflective, sputtered nichrome film. Low inside reflectivity insures a clear view out, while a slightly higher outside reflectivity gives you maximum protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Solar Bronze

This high heat rejection Solar Bronze architectural film is an excellent choice for homes, offices or buildings. Offering VLT 19% Absorption 40% Transmission 11% Reflection 49% Visible Reflection Int 34% Visible Reflection Ext 38% Glare Reduction 80% SHGC .21 TSER 79% UV rejection 99%